Testing Methods & Levels

Before an organization releases an application, it performs a thorough quality assurance to ensure the effective working of the application. We tend to incorporate several testing levels that involve numerous methodologies.




Test Automation

The automation quality assurance services conducted at MAMSYS assist you in minimizing the time to market. We do so by offering higher productivity, diminishing testing cycle time, and driving greater predictability. With the goal of providing our services across a number of industry verticals, we tend to fulfill your time to market goals, while minimizing your cost of quality.


Performance Testing

With the increasing demand of fast and pleasing applications, we, at MAMSYS, implement performance testing in order to provide innovative services comprising client-server, mobile, distributed, and web-based applications.


Mobile Automation

Mobiles, being the fastest trending technology, needs frequent testing while planning a mobile version of the website, or planning the creation of a mobile app. We do so by testing with different forms of data. Moreover, we take into account a number of mobile platforms as well as hardware. This is how we perform a mobile app quality assurance.


Security Testing

Our security testing services cater to the multiple needs of a business. Having experience in a wide range of industry verticals, we tend to minimize the vulnerabilities and application risks.


Test Environment & Data Management

The successful testing of the business functionality is performed by testing data in the test environment. MAMSYS, by offering the right data in the right quantity and at the right time, makes sure to provide a high degree of test coverage.