With the growing number of Internet web pages, it is quite clear that a large number of data is being used online. The availability of mobile device technology, social media, and smart apps are giving rise to incomparable levels of data which is being used on the web. The applications can now interface with each other in a number of ways, and the web application developers are now coming up with several sophisticated approaches in order to present the data to the users. The functionality that is being delivered in the applications is increasing in such a way that it offers huge opportunities to the companies. In order to understand this, organizations must conduct formal application security evaluations for recognizing every possible vulnerability.

MAMSYS tends to serve in a number of domains including education, e-commerce, healthcare, and many more. No matter, whichever domain you belong to, we are technically capable of managing any kind of web application testing. We find ourselves technically sound when it comes to web application security testing, web application functional testing, and web application usability testing among others. We look forward to giving our clients something really amazing.

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The web application tests conducted at MAMSYS are designed to assess different ranges of web content including the small infrastructures and huge complex interconnected environments. We focus on the application logic that has been incorporated into the web application. Moreover, we take into account all the aspects of the environment that allow the users to enter input.

MAMSYS Web Application Testing Services


This testing process ensures both front-end and back-end components are working properly using all the 3 types of functionality testing i.e. manual, semi and automated.


This testing process checksthe web application compatibility with various browsers, operating system and devices ensuring the flawless working of the application.


This testing process involves quantitative and qualitative testing, accessing the breaking point thus determining the effectiveness and speed of the application under a specified load.


This testing process checksthe end-to-end security performance of the application against any kind of online theft (downloads, sessions, files, codes etc.)


This testing process checks the compatibility of the application with the end user using state-of-the-art testing software and techniques.


This testing process checks and verifies the interaction between various modules and evaluates whether the system is passing data correctly to one another.


This testing process checks whether the application isexecuting the queries correctly, is maintaining data integrity, checks database consistency and matches the values stored in the database.

Web Application Methodology at MAMSYS

Our web application testing methodology shows consistency with the testing methodology for IT penetration tests associated with Infrastructure. Moreover, a number of elements that we conduct as part of the mapping include service identification, vulnerability evaluation, and various exploitation phases.

At MAMSYS, we use a blended approach of open source, custom scripts, and commercial tools in order to implement web application testing.

In our testing of web application, we take into account the following elements:

    Application re-engineering
    Authentication assessment
    Session management
    Input manipulation
    Output manipulation
    Information leakage
    Code review


Test Coverage for your Web App

In order to identify the issues faced by the users, we make use of our in-house tool. MAMSYS, in order to accomplish the testing activity in an efficient way, takes few days or even months to get it right. Our tool helps us in looking through the mobile app reviews given by several customers. We conduct a thoroughtesting and make sure to enhance the app for the next release. Or else, we take care of the factors that are to be considered for the new app release.

In order to deliver coverage of our tests, we consider the following ways:

  • Quality criteria
  • Feature-based coverage
  • Data coverage


We make use of Tools and Web Browser Add-ons

  • The implementation of web application testing requires both sill-set as well as mindset, and we have both of them. Being a huge admirer of web app testing tools and web browser add-ons, we add value to our testing activity. We are completely well-versed with these web browser add-ons and make sure to use the power of the available weapons efficiently.